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Local Information

Documented since the late fourteenth century and the capital of Moldova State for three centuries, Iaşi City is the most important cultural, economic and academic centre in North-East Romania and the fourth urban center of the country, in terms of number of inhabitants, after Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara.

Iași is called the “City on Seven Hills” – just like Rome – due to its actual position on seven hills, and the “City of the Three Unions” as it had key contributions to the Romanian history and the achievement of the unions of 1600, 1859 and 1918.

Iaşi is the city of the oldest university in Romania, the first theatre performance in Romanian (December 27, 1816, at the initiative of Gheorghe Asachi) and the first literary memorial museum – Ion Creangă’s Hut of Țicău. By its history and cultural tradition, Iași sets apart by the fact that it was the place where many scholars, artists, scientists, politicians, artists and great Romanian writers were born or have lived and created.

Nowadays, Iaşi is an important cultural and academic centre, undergoing a full economic development; creative industries and IT field, textile, medicine and car manufacturing industries are among the most dynamic sectors.

Places to visit in Iași

While visiting Iași, it is a must to go see at least a few of the sixty-nine churches and monasteries of a great cultural, historical and architectural value, including:

  • ”Sfantul Sava” Church – the fourteenth century
  • Armenian Church – 1395
  • ”Sfantul Nicolae Domnesc” Church, built by Stefan cel Mare – 1491-1493
  • ”Galata” Monastery – built by Petru Șchiopul – 1578
  • ”Trei Ierarhi” Monastery – built by Vasile Lupu – 1639
  • ”Bărboi” Church – 1615
  • ”Barnovschi” Church – 1627
  • ”Golia” Monastery – 1650
  • ”Cetăţuia ” Monastery – built by Gheorghe Duca – 1669-1672
  • ”Frumoasa” Church – built by Grigore Matei Ghica – 1726-1733
  • Metropolitan Cathedral

Memorial Houses

  • Ion Creangă’s Hut
  • Mihail Sadoveanu Memorial House
  • George Topîrceanu Memorial House
  • Mihai Codreanu Memorial House
  • Nicolae Gane Memorial House
  • Otilia Cazimir Memorial House

Museums and Cultural Sightseeing

  • The Palace of Culture and “Moldova” National Museum Complex
  • The Union Museum
  • The Theatre Museum
  • The Museum of Natural History
  • The Romanian Literature Museum – Pogor Memorial House
  • “Mihai Eminescu” Museum
  • Dosoftei Memorial House
  • The Hall of the Lost Steps within “Al. I. Cuza” University – containing paintings of Sabin Bălaşa

Arts Institutions

  • ”Vasile Alecsandri” National Theatre
  • Iași National Opera House
  • ”Moldova” State Philharmonic
  • “Luceafărul” Theatre for Children and Youth
  • Tătărași Athenaeum